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Coronavirus: Domestic abuse calls up 25% since lockdown, charity says

My boyfriend tried to gouge my eyes out so 'I'd be so ugly no-one would want me'

Abusers gain power in isolation...I would be dead by now, says survivor #yournotalone  contact @womensaid  womensaid

This Morning calls the police as domestic abuse victim rings in and begs horrified Eamonn and Ruth for help

During this lock down pandemic we are in the mist of an epidemic of ABUSE we have to adress this as it’s only gonna get worse womens_aid are here to help but the @ukhomeoffice  must MUST make this a…

Domestic abuse charity worker reveals women's cries for help during lockdown

Domestic abuse killings double during lockdown as 14 women and two children lose lives we need help and change

Mel B offers advice to domestic violence victims living in lockdown

supporting @womensaid  on the amazing Rail To Refuge scheme where victims of abuse can get free train travel in order to get to a refuge. Since April, more than 100 people have been helped by this incredible service. RT to share with those who may need it


Well done to the ladies of @FifthHarmony  go get there album it's proper

Ahhh! I love that @thesquadagt10  danced to "Worth It" by @FifthHarmony . So much girl power! Obsessed! #AGT 

@FifthHarmony just herd you guys covered "wannabe"

@FifthHarmony covering 'Wannabe' by Spice Girls go ladies

Can you believe it's already been 18 years since "Wannabe" was released? #Wannabe18Years 

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