Office of RG

Office of RG

This is the official account of the Office of Rahul Gandhi | Member of Parliament | Vice President, Indian National Congress

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MPs from Europe are welcome to go on a guided tour of Jammu & while Indian MPs are banned & denied entry. There is something very wrong with that.

India’s ranking, falling steadily since 2014, has now crashed to 102/117. This ranking reveals a colossal failure in Govt policy and blows the lid off the PM’s hollow “sabka vikas” claim, parroted by Modia.

Dear Mr Banerjee, These bigots are blinded by hatred and have no idea what a professional is. You cannot explain it to them, even if you tried for a decade. Please be certain that millions of Indians are proud of your work.

Now the story will be killed. Kanpati pe 🔫 laga kar.

With each passing month the Modi Minar races upwards at a breathtaking pace; a monument dedicated to incompetence.

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A big thank you to all my brothers & sisters in the SPG who worked tirelessly to protect me & my family over the years. Thank you for your dedication, your constant support & for a journey filled with affection & learning. It has been a privilege. All the best for a great future.