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I write about economics for Wonkblog. Formerly the Atlantic & TNR.

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I know the Fed thinks inflation will eventually come up because inflation is so low, but the thing is *nobody knows what the natural rate of unemployment actually is.*

It’s all guesswork. And with wages not going up any faster, all we can say is we’re not there yet.
"We can’t trust that all unfit demagogues will turn out to be pedophiles.” https://t.co/wCJ2Xfd7vY
So are we still in the great fourth turning, Steve Bannon, or … ?
The odds of Democrats taking the Senate in 2018 just got a big, big lift. And as we’ve seen, that can be a big, big deal for court vacancies...
The Upshot model is calling it for Doug Jones https://t.co/IiLobtCOba
"We are far closer to the edge than we want to think." https://t.co/5BKvx1ohmG
The Republican Party in two paragraphs https://t.co/ow16ETuIHB
Bitcoin is no longer a Ponzi scheme for redistributing wealth from one libertarian to another.

Bitcoin is now a Ponzi scheme for redistributing wealth from one *person* to another. https://t.co/AmvLNK9QGd
Because he says he “cannot in good conscience vote to add to the already massive $20 trillion debt”?
The Trump Treasury Department has been "working around the clock" on ... assuming its conclusions https://t.co/h7UB12xNQf
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