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I write about economics for Wonkblog. Formerly the Atlantic & TNR.

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Alternate headline: Hedge Fund Billionaire Doesn’t Want to Lose A Lot of Money https://t.co/79mXzRqAdU
We’ve created computers that are too smart for us to understand https://t.co/qVvtHpfzXH
Or endorsement, rather. In any case, I’ve got something on this coming on Monday….
@davidmwessel @de1ong This is actually the party line among supply-siders, which, when you think about it is, the most backhanded compliment ever.
This kind of stuff that ignores *your own part* in the White House’s “success” at this drives me crazy
Giving a Trump-like figure power in a relatively new democracy is especially dangerous….
The Czechs look like they’re going to elect their own Trump. https://t.co/5MLbel3Io2
Might be time to pivot to video, @Scaramucci
@KevinNR The funniest one, to me at least, is @KevinNR ’s idea that Ludwig von Mises was a great economist. Austrian economics is basically a cult! https://
As with everything @KevinNR writes, there are horribly misinformed & dyspeptic asides, but this is worth reading https://t.co/gH1IZYG2n3
"Funny story: It actually would be possible to find out the answer to this question!” https://t.co/Bnih576kJn
Paul Ryan has spent 8 years planning for this moment, and it's all collapsed within moments of taking contact from reality.
In 1986, you had both parties working together to share the political heat from getting rid of loopholes—and the SALT deduction still lived.
The idea that Republicans were going to get rid of the state & local deduction now when that was too hard a political lift in 1986 was nuts.
Want your vegan mayo company to be valued at $1.1 billion? Just throw around a lot of Silicon Valley buzzwords! https://t.co/vUJsz8dYoT
The "Jobs Creators Network" is really mobilizing its grassroots on ... K Street
How to copy an old business & make it 24X more valuable: talk a lot about “platforms” & “millenials” https://t.co/k3J5tlQmIi
Would Facebook help neo-Nazis target ads? Would it even run them? I would hope not. There has to be a line somewhere—yes, editorial values.
Facebook & Google can’t keep pretending that they’re just platforms without any editorial values https://t.co/2qW4qh7Iaf
In which @foxjust applies the “Dow 36,000” discount to Trump’s tax cuts https://t.co/7nzZH4MBTd
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