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I write about economics for Wonkblog. Formerly the Atlantic & TNR.

Latest Scoops

Steve Bannon is too much of a wimp to just admit that he’s a fascist wannabe. Sad! https://t.co/u6mbEyTjyZ
Billion dollar idea: a nationwide toy retailer that *hasn't* been burdened with big debt payments by Wall Street buyout firms.
Toys R Us as a metaphor for our overly financialized economy https://t.co/6NMjiZx81Y
The five scariest words in the English language are: National Security Adviser John Bolton. https://t.co/lehBishRLP
A tight labor market can heal a lot of problems—including bringing workers back from disability https://t.co/RIW7ffcg59
There’s no better example of this than Trump reportedly thinking of replacing Sessions with Pruitt, so that he could have a loyalist in charge of the Russia investigation. The rule of law is at stake herehttps://t.co/xgqQN7fpQX!
Larry Kudlow believes all the same things Gary Cohn does. The only difference is Kudlow is willing to try to put a happy face on things—from tariffs to Great Recessions https://t.co/ONsXfXnKKL
Larry Kudlow would be a perfect economic adviser for Trump https://t.co/zNH5t9Jq4q
Lamb was able to keep the GOP’s margin down among the white working class, but the big gains were still among white suburbanites https://t.co/BTdBnYrW7X
It "should make Democrats reconsider how much they really need to fight among themselves about the future direction of the Democratic coalition.” https://t.co/L97jrOSd2a
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