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I write about economics for Wonkblog. Formerly the Atlantic & TNR.

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What's the best source for foreign exchange reserves by country?
This isn't getting enough attention: Italy's new populist government is talking about creating what would potentially be a parallel currency. https://t.co/dCwdr7GhE3
Turkey's currency is falling fast again. Here's what's going on. https://t.co/lpvhDU9Z0b
There's a strange complacency about how serious things could get in Italy https://t.co/xyEbgw11LZ
Italy's populists say they don't want to leave the euro. Their actions say otherwise. https://t.co/znY0uY66xO
Here's what Martin Wolf said about the idea of the euro back in 1991. Unfortunately, he has been vindicated. https://t.co/tToLAHKwGY
China's government seems to be successfully taking the air out of its shadow bank bubble https://t.co/2DyU1SqlPq
Given how much importance Republican voters put on communications security, it's only a matter of time until they start chanting "Lock Him Up," right?

Hahahahaha. https://t.co/T5WmNIEyZO
@paulkrugman Good point. By that measure, Italy has slightly outperformed Greece since 1999 (which has seen its working-age population shrink even more), but still hasn't grown since about 2004. https://t.co
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