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I write about economics for Wonkblog. Formerly the Atlantic & TNR.

Latest Scoops

Things really changed after Bannon got fired, huh https://t.co/cCkAP6o5LK
Read @foxjust's superb history of Confederate monuments https://t.co/iDzfT0mvDv
Is Steve Bannon dressed as Napoleon in this fidget spinner?
Today’s lesson in journalistic ethics comes from a plagiarist who also worked as a propagandist for the Malaysian government
The last repatriation holiday didn’t increase jobs or investment. It only increased share buybacks and dividendshttps://t.co/wVSHzO8RA4.
Unsurprisingly, Trump wants a tax repatriation holiday, which is one of the worst & most wasteful policies there is https://t.co/HNWK5qrGxL
It’s actually really difficult to write something this unimpressive https://t.co/OeuSQ6BEK7
Trump really is Nixon 2.0. Now he's talking about the Vietnamization of the Afghan war.
We've fought the Taliban for four times longer than we fought the Nazis. And now we're committing to an even more open-ended war.
"We are not nation-building" is an interesting way to sell nation-building.
"The Trump campaign met with a Russian spy who is known for pulling the exact kind of crime that was committed" https://t.co/4JlazeQWqD
Why Europe’s right-wing populists are … in eclipse https://t.co/4dtsotbHRi
Breitbart is doing everything short of awarding Steve “Populist Hero” Bannon the Iron Cross here
Why Steve Bannon was such a failure https://t.co/whz3HdPUXN
Steve Bannon is gone. Nothing will change. https://t.co/a0MeCavja4
Steve Bannon thought he was a revolutionary, but he was just whistling Dixie. https://t.co/whz3He7vPl
Excellent @JamesSurowiecki on the “ROBOTS ARE COMING FOR US” story that’s everywhere but the productivity statistics https://t.co/c1X9z3QaRb
Even a billionaire who thinks raising taxes is like the Nazis is distancing himself from Trump https://t.co/WMe6AUpZDQ
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