#OrangeForever. The final season of #OITNB  arrives July 26.

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Remember that George W Bush, who people now think is a swell guy because he once passed Michelle Obama a breath mint, personally lobbied swing Senators on behalf of Kavanaugh after the sexual assault allegations came out

Feeling grateful for Ric. Had the opportunity to send him this email a couple years back. My first king. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Man, these answers 🤣😁😂and is Terry Bradshaw talking to himself? 🤣😁😂 | #CelebrityFamilyFeud  Team@Adaripp  v. Team #TerryBradshaw  @FamilyFeudABC  on @ABCNetwork 

Who needs some new K. Dot in their lives, by a show of hands 👋

Diamond Dust! Check out the original Final Fantasy VII Shiva summon animation compared to the upcoming PS4 remake.