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Janelle Monae refuses to flea to Canada—she's fighting for love https://t.co/cTkjS55FHt
Why are millennials SO obsessed with house plants? We investigate: https://t.co/vBNg8gjv4c
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Me after making it halfway thru 2018
Is there really a "right" way to mourn the death of a controversial person? https://t.co/leO8NTSShh
Vintage lovers! We rounded up 15 retro-inspired styles to get your swim situation sorted 👙 https://t.co/c9zMq7MkLS
The mysterious product from @BECCA_COSMETICS and @chrissyteigen is finally here and it will make you seriously glow 🌟 https://t.co/SC8BpHJBNn
Wait, who asked for John Mayer's thoughts on XXXTentacion's death? 🤔 https://t.co/skPR4s31ho
‘Stranger Things’ star @noah_schnapp has a major crush on @Zendaya and it's the cutest thing ever https://t.co/1nVbN6VaMH
What better reason to take your makeup up a notch than Pride? Makeup artist Clara Rae is demonstrating a totally ~extra~ look perfect for the festivities—all done with gender neutral beauty brand @fluidebeauty. ✨
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A nationwide protest against Trump’s "zero tolerance" family separation policy is happening on June 30—here's how to join https://t.co/FYzaR7oGmv
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