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Latest Scoops

Omarosa teases White House tell-all book on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ https://t.co/JbIqFSNAb2
The NRA is pissed that companies keep cutting ties with them in growing boycotts https://t.co/53ZhxKEthj
Alice Glass beats former Crystal Castles bandmate and alleged abuser Ethan Kath in court https://t.co/7NFxrQk91d
The Democrats' response to the controversial Nunes memo was finally released despite Trump's attempts to block it https://t.co/PfTVOW9Tqv
.@robynkonichiwa, bless her, says her new album will be coming out very soon 🙏 https://t.co/h2Bv6FrxZV
.@UrbanDecay is launching a line of metallic rainbow mascaras and we are *obsessed* https://t.co/oFhuRlRT7w
Jared Leto goes on a Yakuza-powered murder spree in new Netflix film https://t.co/HLRARsS2EP
J.K. Rowling tweeted about ‘Black Panther’ and got dragged for lack of representation in ‘Harry Potter’ https://t.co/I3XPqLIhfU
A tribute to Pisces, the beautiful exposed nerves of the Zodiac https://t.co/lFiEH9gAii
Blac Chyna's sex tape critiques reveal our deep cultural bias against WOC sex workers https://t.co/4jnWLg36Wr
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