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FOREVER & ALWAYS 🕊 I love you more than you’ll ever know. Thank God for all of it
FOREVER & ALWAYS 🕊 I love you more than you’ll ever know. Thank God for all of it


Happy Birthday @rihanna! 🎈 All we need now is for you to come back to the Live Lounge 😇❤️
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It’s the Brits tonight. I’ve been to the Brits once in my career and we won so that’s a 100% success rate in my eyes but if I weren’t in Dubai I would gladly end that long winning streak tonight to watch The Greatest Showman open up the show!!! Here’s a …
Dear Twitter friends, all the glowing reviews you're seeing for #AfterLife are from journalists and broadcasters who were sent advanced copies to review. That's why you can't find it on Netflix yet. It's out on March 8th around the world. Cheers.
wish eminem would just drop his mom's spaghetti recipe already.
Congratulations, Carrie on your 2019 @ACMawards nomination! #FemaleArtistOfTheYear -TeamCU
It’s ok!!! You have to be the worst before u can be the best.
Can u feel me on this?? Keep working on your greatness!!! 💥💥💥🌈🌈🌈✨✨✨
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The way people talk to eachother online is disgusting. There’s no way you would ever say half of the stuff you do to someone’s face.Bravery behind the buttons of a phone. It’s a real shame as half the time , you don’t know the person you are talking to . Would anyone agree ?
I even see it when I come online . Because i go on stage , get seen on tv, get papped going for a coffee or whatever . People feel like they know you know and they just don’t. Just be nice to everyone and the world will be a much better place and social media is a good start
Ryan Coogler meets a young queen. 👑

This is why representation matters.
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Thank you to Dominic Fike, Yeek, Deb Never, and Quadry for an amazing #NoCeilingsNY last night, and to everyone who came out. Incredible night. More shows coming soon. 📸: @Tsikudo_
Baby won't you take me on a sea cruise. Nice earnings for Norwegian. $NCLH up more than 3%. $CCL and $RCL higher as well.
Thankyou to all those who tuned in last night to the final ep of #FirstTimeMum I love reading all of your tweets & DM’s means the world. If you missed you can catch up now on the itv HUB
More than 80,000 supporters are calling on .@AlaskaAir to follow corporations, like @WellsFargo & @CocaCola , in breaking ties with the brutal & deadly Iditarod. There are just 9 days to help #SaveSledDogs. Will you sign the petition today?
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