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What an incredibly loyal fan base I have. Thank you so much!
“The aid is going to get through. I think ultimately the question is whether it gets through in a way that he’s cooperative with or in a way he’s not. ." -- Senator @marcorubio on whether Maduro will let humanitarian aid into Venezuela.
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Friends capture you best 🦋
📸 @TomFelton
Happy Independence Day Kosovo. Grateful to call you home ❤️😊🇽🇰
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In light of the current situation the team of Total Dhamaal has decided to not release the film in Pakistan.
24 hrs in San Jose 🇺🇸 Great to see everyone at Mission San Jose High School
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Jeff Hart was a noted literary scholar who wrote speeches for Nixon and Reagan. But his greatest impact was on a whole generation of Dartmouth students whose lives he changed. His real legacy is us. RIP
It's all because of YOU. ❤️ The #BBMAs are LIVE Wednesday, May 1st on NBC.
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