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  3. watch @shanandtheclams' colorful, psychedelic video for their new song "the boy"
Watch @shanandtheclams' colorful, psychedelic video for their new song "The Boy" https://t.co/q4VVocaPMR


Watch Andrew Garfield's surreal quest in the debut trailer for new crime thriller #UnderTheSilverLake https://t.co/ECkMQlSkSb
We're seeing the pain, but we won’t call Zayn's new look reckless behavior since it's for a new music video. https://t.co/jPnMntBpzq
Are you up for a #hotel on skis? A new glass-roofed portable cabin in #Finland offers glamping so you can watch the Northern Lights from bed! So, um, cool! https://t.co/BlVnsWfoiD
Hinds hit the slopes in their new video for 'The Club'. Can we come? 🏂⛷️
Exclusive: Watch the trailer for @netflix​'s new movie #ComeSunday, starring Chiwetel Ejiofor as a bishop who experiences a dramatic change in his afterlife outlook. https://t.co/cIKA8Lg9zP
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Just one more day till #ShawnMendes drops new Single #InMyBlood!
Mendes has already released a preview link for the song on Spotify!🔥
In a new video for the rollicking power-pop track "Oh Baby," Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor's eyeballs take part in an absurdist Nora Ephron-style fantasy. https://t.co/WwkBgwUqom
@warriors are about to have a continued legacy of #Currys on their hands! Congratulating Ayesha, Stephen, Riley & Ryan on their growing family 👶🏽♥️! We aren’t gonna call it baby fever, but we are too excited for the Currys! Boy or Girl?! https://t.co/dMcJIHncNn
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