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  3. watch @shanandtheclams' colorful, psychedelic video for their new song "the boy"
Watch @shanandtheclams' colorful, psychedelic video for their new song "The Boy" https://t.co/q4VVocaPMR


On an all-new #SteveWilkos, high school sweethearts Rusty and Sabrea have been together for 5 years. But for the last 2, they haven’t been able to move forward in their relationship due to constant cheating allegations!
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Who's excited for #BohemianRhapsody? @ItsRamiMalek and @Gwilymlee dropped by the Smooth studio, and they were lovely gents. Watch their interview with @kategarraway here: https://t.co/n0akYxCoUi
An outside group called the New Georgia Project. In fact, it appears the organization may have filled out the forms for the voters and it was the organization that got the data wrong. The voters have not, since 2014, attempted to vote or fix their paperwork.
.@Imaginedragons bring their giant heads to an arcade in the strange new video for Zero from the upcoming #RalphBreakstheInternet https://t.co/dYXku8SRRG
It might only be October but our friends over at @GamesRadar have already started their best movies of the year countdown. See how many of your favourites made the cut and watch this space for TF's list https://t.co/enyWhZydZw
As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex continue their tour of Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand, we pick some of Fiji’s finest establishments where a dose of luxury make for a royally good time https://t.co/0eadf7LC5s
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