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Latest Scoops

Doug Jones walked off to “Teach Me How to Dougie” after winning the Alabama Senate race against alleged sexual predator Roy Moore https://t.co/QZW7PEV840
Directed by @kevinabstract, @brckhmptn's 'Billy Star' film is a rich, deftly-told story of queer teen romance in the suburbs https://t.co/fNPanU6fdh
Mac DeMarco (@Msldemarco) hung out with Tom Hanks and it wasn't awkward at all, nope! https://t.co/iGYu647kuI
.@kendricklamar is the special guest on @NERDarmy's new track "Don't Don't Do It!" https://t.co/VnAuWMGnxz
joan's (@songsbyjoan) new jam "tokyo" will give you courage for texting your crush https://t.co/n6BQCPsi96
King Krule joined @mountkimbie's Paris show for two songs, "Blue Train Lines" and "You Took Your Time" https://t.co/8YJVO3QfnO
.@SZA performed a beautiful stripped-down version of "Supermodel" backed by a new string section https://t.co/oO8LDVyu70
Hear @charli_xcx and @CupcakKe_rapper team up again on "I Got It" https://t.co/XshWPVGBry
.@NeilDiamond's ridiculousness allows us to embrace a little ridiculousness in ourselves.

That's why it's impossible to be an ironic Neil Diamond fan—approaching his music through irony is missing what makes it great. https://t.co/bx9yRyPftA
radiohead will always have the sadboy hall of fame
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