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Latest Scoops

“Spit,” the latest single from the project’s upcoming album ‘Crush Crusher,’ is a heavy, gnarled exploration of self-sabotaging relationships. https://t.co/QFjIOARV9g
"Ten years since the release of Dear Science, it’s clear to me that Williamsburg and America in general are not on fast track to the “Golden Age” as I might have naively thought when I was 21 years old." https://t.co/691NoITkPn
Vile’s art is essentially a reflection of the way life always rolls onward, a process you’ve gotta cruise on a bit before you can even begin to grapple with its ups and downs. https://t.co/rl7yUpjAdV
With sold-out shows, and outstanding collaborations with the royalty of Korean rap and hip-hop scene, gone are the days when DPR LIVE was just a new face in the music industry in South Korea. https://t.co/7MeNQ0iKqa
Despite the acute singularity of each track, there is a consistency to the whole as it maps Coates’ sometimes sleep-deprived perception of the world. https://t.co/OVeePNnPFF
The ex-idol's first solo release outside of Japan, which you can listen to right now, is catchy, blissful, and brilliantly inventive. https://t.co/YuBMMZTmE3
“This shit is people trying to make money off him. He never would have signed up for that, he did not like XXXTentacion.” https://t.co/4x3LThjrzt
Given the opportunity, few journalists would pass up the chance to ask these urbano stars about their association with 6ix9ine. When that happens, all their clout chasing might backfire, and in the case of Anuel, it may already have. https://t.co/3f3tBNxsWv
Blaming a woman for her partner's self-harm isn't just cruel, it's symptomatic of our culture's biggest problems. https://t.co/K1RmJzt6QF
We had to see this, so you all have to, too. https://t.co/nvtPw3YiE3
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