The Nobel Prize

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“You’re always wondering ‘Why did it happen? [...] What could have been done differently?’ And the answers are not there.” Michael Tun has been refused an inquest into the death of his dad, the NHS Dr Peter Tun, who died from Covid-19 on 13 April.

An investigation is under way after video showed this Michigan sheriff’s deputy punching a woman multiple times during arrest (warning: distressing)

GoFundMe set up to help George Floyd's family cover funeral costs surpasses $740,000

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Trump executive order against social media giants denounced as unlawful ploy to ‘eviscerate public oversight of his lies’

When the pandemic hit, Dr Peter Tun raised concerns about an apparent lack of PPE on his ward. In one email to management he warned: “it's only a matter of time before our ward patients and ourselves get infected."

University of Minnesota ending contracts with Minneapolis police department after George Floyd's death

Mark Zuckerberg (and by extension, Facebook) is extremely comfortable being the “arbiter of truth,” so long as “truth” matches what Trump and pro-Trump groups say

Perfectly preserved ancient Roman mosaic floor unearthed beneath Italian vineyard

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Iguazu Falls, a group of 275 waterfalls on the border between Argentina and Brazil, is expected to get more rainfall in June

REPORT: State Department Preparing To Cancel Thousands Of Visas For Chinese Students