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US House approves federal government funds through Dec. 22 to avert government shutdown
US House approves federal government funds through Dec. 22 to avert government shutdown
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4000 Tesla cars loading in SF for Europe
Tesla made 0 cars in 2011, but will make around 500k in 2019
Karl Lagerfeld, the German fashion designer who helped set the industry standard for 5 decades, has died at 85
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There can be no just Europe without an independent Ukraine. There can be no safe Europe without a safe Ukraine. To put it simply: there can be no Europe without Ukraine!
** Pres signs Space Directive 4, outlining policy framework for establishing the US Space Forc@VPe, said it will help US to be as dominant a power in space as it is on Earth. Acting DefSec Shanahan says the order will help deliver US capability in space better, sooner and faster.

Several current and former Trump administration appointees (inc. Rick Perry) promoted sales of nuclear power plants to Saudi Arabia despite repeated objections from H.R. McMaster and other Nat'l Security Council Members. @StevenMufson @thamburger
A single clothes wash can release up to 700,000 microplastic fibres, many of which end up in the ocean. In one study, a third of fish collected in one sample from the English Channel had synthetic pieces of plastic in their gut
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Let’s go with the full quote....
“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life, so you bought some sweatpants.”
- Karl Lagerfeld
BREAKING: Bernie Sanders is seeking 2020 Democratic presidential nomination
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