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Eurozone: Next week data includes German Ifo and EZ PMI - Danske Bank
US: Data disappointments could become more common, USD investors should take note - CIBC
Japan Foreign investment in Japan stocks: ¥-102B (February 8) vs ¥-123.8B
AUD/USD Technical Analysis: 0.7135-40 continues to limit the Aussie upside
Japan Gross Domestic Product Annualized meets forecasts (1.4%) in 4Q
Japan Gross Domestic Product (QoQ) below expectations (0.4%) in 4Q: Actual (0.3%)
Rupee's Unexpected Rally Showcases RBI's Pivot for India Markets

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#Bitcoin is a reality!!
Increase your investment portfolio. Get it with the leader in Mexico @BitsoEx
Total central bank stimulus and its rate of a change.

A MUST-SEE chart -> $DXY @StockTwits
The @NASDAQ just set a record for the first time in 15 years:
UPDATE 2- EBay profit beats as revenue surges from PayPal business: * Shares up 5 pct after market (Adds forec...
Fin del programa de estímulos monetarios de la FED @GusFuentes_ lo vaticinó 14 meses atrás en @EfektoNoticias @marthareyesb @pedroferriz3
@NASDAQ today,
@genesimons @shannonleetweed @SophieTSimmons
Markets & Rock!!
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