Paramedics have a message of hope for NYC’s coronavirus hot zone: ‘we got you’

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Just shy of three years ago today.

Opinion: Trump’s halfwit son-in-law is running the coronavirus response. That’s unacceptable.

NBC News: FDNY Deputy Chief Inspector Syed Rahman has died as a result of COVID-19, the department says. The news comes as approximately 1 out of every 4 FDNY EMS member is out on medical leave tonight, that's 24% of the more than 4,000 total EMTs and paramedics, the FDNY says.

Two years ago, @elizabethfor @PattyMurrayma and sent John Bolton, then the national security adviser to President Trump, a letter warning that the nation was not prepared for a pandemic. He didn't listen.

NEW: CA has 10,701 confirmed positive cases of #COVID19 . 2,188 of those who have tested positive are in our hospitals. 901 of those patients are in the ICU. This disease can impact anyone. Stay home. Take this seriously. #StayHomeSaveLives 

UNITED STATES: Bill Gates says his foundation is funding construction of factories for seven possible coronavirus vaccines.

This bus driver said he felt violated when a passenger coughed and sneezed on the bus without covering her mouth. He died of coronavirus 11 days later.

Now daily new cases: • US still boldly going where no country has gone before, at >20k new confirmed cases per day. Destined to end up the worst-affected country in the world. • France possibly joining Italy and Spain in seeing new cases plateau and begin to dip

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SCIENCE: Chairman of Global Carbon Project says coronavirus outbreak could result in biggest fall in carbon emissions since World War II

Tucker Carlson from Jan 28 “Why am I watching impeachment coverage all day?" Tom Cotton: "I suspect that months from now or perhaps even years from now when people look back at this time, coronavirus will be considered the bigger story than impeachment.”