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  3. 😂 look how shook the dog was 💀
😂 look how shook the dog was 💀
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😂 look how shook the dog was 💀


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Blake Griffin after I asked whether tonight was a 1st step at regaining league-wide respect: "The past like 2, 3 years all I hear is how bad I am. I've been hurt, I've had bad games. This summer, being able to workout for the first time in three summers is huge." #Pistons.
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A neighbor walking his dog in the East Village saw the man one night, sitting motionless behind the wheel inside a parked car. Two days later, he was still there. https://t.co/2I2szbLnM3
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20 years ago, the gay college student was killed in a brutal hate crime.
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Muffy the Yorkshire terrier was reunited with her family Monday, after being dog-napped from her home nearly three weeks ago. https://t.co/fOIzHFSGwh
It's been a ruff few weeks for Muffy, but the Yorkshire terrier was reunited with her family yesterday after being dog-napped from her home nearly three weeks ago. https://t.co/DGKtZZHYpz
The core machinations of how American-style democracy works — which was developed as the culmination of 15th, 16th, and 17th century thinkers — effectively tumble in that environment.

How could a politician persuade you of something if you don’t even recognize the same sources?
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