thinking about dropping some cute new spandex sets for summer.. @naturylbynbk 


man fuck every single person with a platform who is choosing to be silent. idc. fuck all of them. you have a platform. you have seen that a man was murdered. you don’t care.

There are no “contracts” keeping celebs on American soil from speaking up about this. They are just choosing not to because a brand is more important and they want to keep pocketing the money of racists. Fuck all of em. Idc.

"My daughter has been a nanny for this amazing kid for over a year. When he realized she wouldn’t have a senior prom, he wanted to throw her one. He planned a socially distant prom, complete with dancing & her favorite foods." — @bhchapman /Elissa Rogers 💕

Protesters calling for justice for the killing of #GeorgeFloyd  blocked the 101 freeway in Downtown Los Angeles

Finally getting the credit - thank y’all

Be kind. Not because of WHO they are or WHAT you get in return, but because of who YOU are. Thank you for this @Bhuvan_Bam 

Conservatives, don’t you dare despair. Battles are not designed to leave you untouched by the vitriol and hatred that incited it. Now is the time to hold our values true. Now is the time to understand that our foe has no intentions of giving up their power willingly. #Truthdom