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Gorsuch record is deferential 2 religious rights. The ?: whn does def to rel rts go 2 far in trumpng othr rights.

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❌😴 THE 😴❌ ❌😴 FIGHT 😴❌ ❌😴 FOR 😴❌ ❌😴 HUMAN 😴❌ ❌😴 RIGHT 😴❌ ❌😴 NEVER 😴❌ ❌😴 SLEEPS 😴❌

Millions of cicadas are expected to emerge this year after 17 years underground

“I wanted to sample the music that is played during the ceremonial walk of the King, so naturally, Korean elements ended up being an essential component to the track as well as the music video,” @BTS_twt 's Suga says of the newly released "Daechwita"

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto@VicoSotto ) said the local government is looking for funds to provide students with gadgets they can use should classes, physical or online, reopen on August 24. | @dygalvezINQ 

A LOT of new reporting, and on-the-record quotes, in this deep dive into Shaun King and The North Star from Kali Holloway

Coronavirus live news: WHO drops hydroxychloroquine trial as Mexico death toll questioned

For the past few months, @kalihollowayftw  has been taking a look at what happened at The North Star, Shaun King's effort to revive a fabled abolitionist newspaper. King blamed problems there on over-ambition, but 7 former employees paint a darker picture.

The hospital was supposedly put up to exclusively treat Chinese workers afflicted with COVID-19. Read:

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Did you cover your support for groyper racists? or your passionate opposition to Bill Gates stealing our precious bodily fluids?

I didn’t like it when I was a teenager and the name of my mom’s job was changed from “Personnel,” to “Human Resources”. The reframing from “person” to “resource,” seemed blatantly dehumanizing. I didn’t think they’d come up with an even worse term. #stock