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@Nike 1 year
on pace to make history watch it happening live now breaking2
On pace to make history. Watch it happening #LIVE now. #Breaking2
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Raf Sanchez
sunday mornings in brexit britain are spent raging against the bbc from whichever ideological hilltop youve ca
Sunday mornings in Brexit Britain are spent raging against the BBC from whichever ideological hilltop you’ve camped out on.
Liverpool FC
@LFC 2 hours
brilliant goal brilliant player brilliant cause steven gerrard wraps up the clash the only way he knows how
Brilliant goal ⚽️
Brilliant player 🙌
Brilliant cause 👏

Steven Gerrard wraps up the @LFCFoundation clash, the only way he knows how... 👌
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FC Barcelona
johancruyff always in our minds three years without you but your legacy continues
🙏 @JohanCruyff, always in our minds.
Three years without you. But your legacy continues.
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mikeynicholls lariat sign up now amp stay tuned to njpw njcup njpwworld
.@mikeynicholls 'Lariat'
Sign up Now & Stay tuned to
#njpw #njcup #njpwworld
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ABS-CBN Sports
isa molde too smoooooth on that off speed uaapseason81volleyball
Isa Molde too smoooooth on that off-speed 🤙 #UAAPSeason81Volleyball
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Liverpool FC
@LFC 41 minutes
an afternoon of thrills and spills enjoy some of the best bits from our legends win over acmilan
An afternoon of thrills and spills 🤣

Enjoy some of the best bits from our Legends' win over @acmilan 🙌
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FIFA World Cup
three years ago today the football world lost an icon rip johancruyff
Three years ago today, the football world lost an icon.

#RIP @JohanCruyff
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Bleacher Report UK
its been three years since johan cruyff passed away but his legacy will always continue
It’s been three years since Johan Cruyff passed away.

But his legacy will always continue 🙌
Bleacher Report UK
on this day in 1998xavi made his debut for barcelona now he is a club legend
On this day in 1998—Xavi made his debut for Barcelona 🔴🔵

Now, he is a club legend.
Manchester United
squad depth is mufc
Squad depth is 🔑 #MUFC
Total(1) => 0.22770619392395 f_f_QM(2) => 0.19791197776794 indS(1) => 0.1215488910675 indM(1) => 0.015811920166016 indM_1(1) => 0.00046110153198242 indM_2(1) => 0.00040316581726074 indM_4(1) => 0.00037097930908203 indM_5(1) => 0.00039315223693848 indM_6(1) => 0.00040102005004883 indM_7(1) => 0.0003819465637207 indM_8(1) => 0.0003659725189209 indM_9(1) => 0.0079538822174072 indM_10(1) => 0.0044341087341309 f_u_GN(1) => 0.00087904930114746 f_f_dT(11) => 0.014334440231323 f_f_pTL(1) => 0.013818025588989