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Tonight is the first 2020 presidential election debate. Can Joe Biden deal with this sharp-witted man who is utterly determined to win? I doubt it.

Not only is family Christmas cancelled but New Year's Eve parties are too.

The hypocrisy of Alastair Campbell and the chattering classes is astonishing. In the Blair years they filled every quango with their mates and contracts were given to crony capitalists. Now Johnson seeks some media balance and he cries foul.

The rules are so complicated that even the people making them don't understand.

The Trump message echoes FDR in the 1930s — there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Powerful.

Any pub or restaurant in the middle tier might as well close down now. Sadly many will never reopen with a lot of ruined businesses and lives. The cure is worse than the disease.

The Biden family have all made a lot of money when they did not have the skill sets. When real questions start being asked, Silicon Valley appears to close ranks and protect their man. Imagine if this story was about a Trump son?