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When it comes to the consolidation of local news companies, American worry a lot more about political bias than about newsroom cutbacks

One potential route to flagging fake news at scale: Linguistic analysis

Labeling satire as such may seem to take the sting out of the joke. But it’s also the most effective way we know of to prevent people from taking satirical content as fact — something surprisingly common.

The easy way to avoid misinterpreted satire: just label it already.

This reporter came for ER bills (with the help of 1,000-plus patients), and now doctors are listening

In Australia, a new government policy adds protections for journalists, but leaves whistleblowers out in the cold (and leaves plenty of questions)

Don’t click this: When should news organizations use “nofollow” links?

Who works best in a revenue development role? Here’s what these local news organizations have found


The New York Times added 120 newsroom employees last year, and now employs an all-time high of 1,600 journalists

We'd post this to Facebook too but nobody would see it.

How Democrats (left) and Republicans (right) perceive the "net bias" in news organizations:

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"A full 93 percent of tweets about vaccines are generated by accounts whose provenance can be verified as neither bots nor human users yet who exhibit malicious behaviors."

Journalists around the country are joining a Slack channel devoted to FOIA and Trump

Andrew Yang, the most meme-able 2020 candidate, also wants to save journalism

That “$4.7 billion” number for how much money Google makes off the news industry? It’s imaginary