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Happiest of birthdays to my dance captain, my band leader, my entertainment director and the Queen of the Pixies! ❤️🧚🏻‍♀️
Love of my life ⁦@MeganOMullally⁩ #IfYoureBlue
Time to #Vote gang. It is an absolute privilege. It is a responsibility. And in my house it gets you #kissed. 🇺🇸🌊
This is sure to be healing, LA tomorrow night. @WendellDaily @NotWendellBerry @twobirdsfilm
For you Fox News adherents that remain on this channel:
via @sarahkendzior
Our government has today reaffirmed their stance that they don’t give a shit about women. We men need to remain vocal af about the fact that we do indeed care about and recognize and respect you women and that we will continue to fight for decency for all Americans. #BelieveWomen
The Cruelty Is the Point - The Atlantic
If you have professed to “enjoy the tears of liberals” please look into this well-written mirror to face the source of your pleasure. https://t.co/tMU9o4Fjd9
Oh shit please cancel me like that next! I also think Lindsay Graham is a demon’s piss-nub!!!
If my shoulders look even remotely extra this morning on @GMA it’s because they gave me this sexy-ass hanger.
Bless your generosity @michaelstrahan ✊🏼
A mewling, perjuring, soft, white boy should be handed only his own ass, and no other seat.
#BelieveChristine #BelieveWomen #BelieveSurvivors
Cutting tenons is a cakewalk in my sweet #SemiDress skips from @Whitesboots in Spokane #ad

I wore these out so hard over the last 15 years they rebuilt em for me 🇺🇸
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