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Fellow supporters of the @Cubs sports baseball team - today is the last day to vote for our redoubtable fellows on the All Star ballot - let’s send em to DC, where I’m told they have built a major league park!
Of all the pieces, of all the puzzles we have done, this is the best piece #GOAT ⁦@libertypuzzles⁩ ⁦@MeganMullally⁩
Damn Damn (double damn)
@heartsbeatloud spreads to many more screen-places
This weekend give yourself the medicine of love & chuckles
Monday July 9 please join me & my confederates (including ) f@nancyandbethor a double-stuffed evening of
#MIRTH @LargoLosAngeles

Happy Happy birthday to ⁦@cornmo⁩ from the Melbourne troubadour society #Echidna3
All my birthday dreams coming true @robdelaney @MeganMullally
Go to https://t.co/3uyfZQhgoL to find a theater near you.
This is not loud spectacle nor escapism, but it is laughter and loving medicine, and also meat and cheese are mentioned.
@heartsbeatloud @brettghaley @KierseyClemons @SashaBianca23 @TedDanson @keegandewitt
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Here is some big news in the field of medicine and heart. New cities for @heartsbeatloud
This weekend you might take in a dose of parental love that we could all use right about now
https://t.co/VgPPrEM80o via @vulture
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