Chinese / Easter

Literally haven't left the couch all day. . Watched telly, ate Chinese food, ate an Easter egg .

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Chinese / Easter

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I never did fit.. I embraced that I was DIFFERENT even tho it would of been easier to follow to fit in.I went on to CREATE MY OWN LANE & To find there were MANY ppl like me🙂 I am GRATEFUL to have seen 3 eras of music when many may count you out🙌🏾 You PUSH 4ward💜

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i feel like i need to warn you...................... i'm growing a (very blonde) mustache & it makes a subtle debut in today's new video 👨🏼

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The lady with the red hair and glasses is too much lol!! luv her @DUALIPA  that was jokes...

When you're part of an underrepresented community, working towards your goals feels like pushing against a door that's been jammed shut. In theory, the door can open. You're just gonna have to be the one to do it.

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