this stadium is ridiculous! holy moly . I swear the World Cup final was here in 2006?

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We need to dismantle the perverse logic that links personal and national security to the possession of weaponry. This logic serves only to increase the profits of the arms industry, while fostering a climate of distrust and fear between persons and peoples. #UN75  @UN 

JUST IN: FL Gov says all restaurants and bars can fully open-- 100% capacity-- with no limitations from the state.

Former coronavirus task force member @MoreCowbellLiv  on why she’s speaking out: “[Trump] seems unwavering in his rhetoric about things that matter when it comes to the response to the COVID pandemic, he continues to undermine the doctors on the task force.”

They asked me to sum up my entire life in less than 5 minutes. Turns out, it wasn’t that hard.

So after @Scaramucci  tracked me down to talk @JoeBiden  campaign and how to stop @realDonaldTrump  then he asked me to do his @moochfm  podcast about that and about mental health. I talked mine. He talked his. And our families too.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's last royal tour cost taxpayers $310K

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Dax Shepard reveals he relapsed after 16 years of sobriety

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Katie Price ropes in Ed Sheeran’s cousin to perform on album as she revives pop career :