@ben_foden  tried to tell me robbie keane and Roy keane are related!I said no they're not!he googled it and goes yeh you're right! #fool 

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Suho of @weareoneEXO  makes his solo debut on the World Albums chart, becoming the fourth EXO member to do so

Congrats to the phrase "we all wear masks" for making the leap from insightful metaphor to bleak reality.

Rihanna has joined forces with Jack Dorsey to give away $4.2 million to domestic violence victims affected by #COVID ー19

#EllenDeGeneres has upset a lot of folks! Should we be mad? #WendyWilliams  is beefing with #NeneLeakes  - and losing! #BruceWillis  is quarantining with ex #DemiMoore  and NOT with his wife and two young daughters. Is that weird? And MORE! Watch in full HERE:

LIFE OR DEATH! We need to get to the facts! Coronavirus is hitting our community hard. This is a STATE OF EMERGENCY!!! Tune into @revolttv  at 11PM EST or stream live on PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!

‘MAKES NO SENSE’: Biden Launches Bizarre Rant on Healthcare, ‘Let Me Put It Another Way’

Feel good video of the night! @RepMattGaetz  getting his ass absolutely handed to him on his beloved Fox News.

I love you guys so much! Seriously! I am so grateful for everything! Please stay safe and let’s stay home so we can get back to normal sooner than later. We all got shit to do this summer ♥️