Niall Horan

holy shit! cant believe it.. we just played in a stadium to 60,000 thousand people..i'll say it again...tenemos los mejores fans en el mundo

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@taylorswift13  accepts the Woman of the Decade Award at our 2019 #BBWomenInMusic  event.

Stormzy suggests it's a 'dark day' for ethnic minorities after Tory election win #generalelection  #torywin 

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Lorene Scafaria's post-financial crash, true-crime caper #HustlersMovie  is a holly, jolly Christmas classic. @ralter  writes

We weren’t helped by local Labour who, despite us showing them our canvassing data, were days before the election still pretending they were in second place. We got over three times as many votes. So that was annoying. But hey ho.

Cats is going to really struggle to top this