Supreme Court

Canada's Supreme Court rejects Nazi's appeal on revoked citizenship, could be deported

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Supreme Court

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DEVELOPING: Police in downtown Seattle searching for gunman who left multiple people wounded before fleeing the scene.

PM’s presser at 1pm....a sacking in the offing

if the founding fathers wanted congress to be able to do such a thing, they would have put impeachment in the constitution! q.e.d.

The new strain has led to fatalities and the closure of Wuhan — as health officials worry holiday travelers could spread the virus across the globe.

Schools in India are teaching students happiness, because happy people solve harder problems. #WEF20 

@stimesmcarter  UPDATE: Multiple people were shot and police are searching for a suspect near Fourth Avenue and Pine Street in downtown Seattle.

Multiple people hurt in downtown Seattle shooting, police searching for suspect

Don't forget the time his spouse met personally with Putin at his private compound before taking $500,000 for a speech to Renaissance Capital in Moscow. Oh, wait, that was the Clintons.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren, who is making her opening argument at Trump's impeachment trial now, is the only lawmaker who has been involved in all 3 impeachments in modern times. She was a staffer to a member of the Judiciary Committee during the Nixon impeachment.

You are not too old to: 1 change your mind 2 forgive first 3 learn a new skill 4 share wisdom 5 be afraid 6 apologize for mistakes 7 love again 8 make new friends 9 be generous 10 be happy 11 remove clutter 12 re-read favorite book 13 show gratitude 14 try again 15 dare to dream