Pizza chain apologizes after posting American flag pizza as 9/11 tribute: #NeverForget "

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EXCLUSIVE: @CBSNews  has learned the Commission on Presidential Debates plans to issue strict new rules in the coming days that include cutting off a candidate's microphone if they violate the rules, per an informed source. More tonight on the @CBSEveningNews 

President Trump interrupted Joe Biden or Chris Wallace more than 70 times during the nearly 95-minute debate Tuesday night. By comparison, Joe Biden interrupted 22 times

Pope rejects US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visit with the Vatican suggesting exploitation ahead of election

IRELAND: Supreme Court rules that bread used by Subway is too sugary to meet the legal definition of 'bread'

The Trump campaign kept a list of 3.5 million Black people to deter from voting in 2016, according to a bombshell new report

@realDonaldTrump  has condemned white supremacy MANY TIMES before, but the media still insists he hasn't. @SharylAttkisson  asks why last night, Chris Wallace couldn't "at least acknowledge how many times" he's denounced it!

"The debate will be remembered not for the policies debated, but rather for the President of the [US] acting like an angry, out of control toddler whenever any attention was directed toward his calm and dignified opponent," writes Paul Callan | @CNNOpinion 

Amy Coney Barrett accepted money from a hate group that supports the recriminalization of homosexuality in the U.S. She was pressed on this issue in her 2017 federal judge appointment hearing.

MEDICINE: Study in South Korea finds over 90% of those infected with coronavirus reported ongoing side effects associated with the disease, even after recovery.

After last night you can see the country is facing less an election than a hostage negotiation. Will Trump come out peacefully or is he one of those degenerates who kills his wife and kids on the way out? If he's going to lose he wants to burn the country down with him.