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@Newsweek 5 months
michelle obama i have been at every powerful table you can think ofthey are not that smart
michelle obama i have been at every powerful table you can think ofthey are not that smart
Michelle Obama: "I have been at every powerful table you can think of...They are not that smart"

Latest news about Michelle Obama open

Lynn Sweet
house of jordan is house of michelle obama tonight at iambecoming kickoff with oprah michelleobama
House of Jordan is House of #Michelle Obama tonight at #IAmBecoming kickoff with ⁦@Oprah⁩ ⁦@MichelleObama⁩
Live Trading News
president trump immediately cancels michelle obamas brand president trump
FRANCE 24 English
us president barack obama tears up as he thanks his wife michelle in emotional farewellspeech farewellobama
#US - President Barack #Obama tears up as he thanks his wife #Michelle in emotional #farewellspeech #FarewellObama
Arkatech Beatz
thank you obama michelle presidentobama farewelladdress president blacklove couplegoals
Financial Express
donaldtrump takes a swipe at michelle obama
#DonaldTrump takes a swipe at #Michelle Obama
Michael Short
she would beat him big time in an election michelle obama takes the fight to donald trump
she would beat him big time in an election - #Michelle #Obama takes the fight to Donald #Trump
Lynn Sweet
michelle obama flotus hits 2016 campaign trail for hillaryclinton the first time today in battleground virgini
#Michelle Obama @FLOTUS hits 2016 campaign trail for @hillaryclinton the first time today, in battleground Virginia.
Howard Fineman
dnc is about cutting hillary s bad numbers on trust amp likability michelle began bill took his turn obama nex
#DNC is about cutting #Hillary's bad numbers on trust & likability. #Michelle began, #Bill took his turn. #Obama next. It'll last all fall.
@MSN 2 years
gender race trump michelle obama went there
Gender, race, Trump: #michelle obama went there
Arab News
trump staffer apologizes for using michelle obama quotes in melania speech
#Trump staffer apologizes for using #Michelle Obama quotes in #Melania speech
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Yahoo News
breaking packers legend 5 time champion bart starr dies at age 85
BREAKING: Packers legend, 5-time champion Bart Starr dies at age 85
@ANI_news 1 hour
gujarat prime minister narendra modi arrives at his mother heeraben modi s residence in gandhinagar
Gujarat: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at his mother Heeraben Modi's residence in Gandhinagar.
Jamil Smith
there is nothing for hope hicks to decide she got a subpoena from congress were she not white wealthy and conn
There is nothing for Hope Hicks to “decide.” She got a subpoena from Congress. Were she not white, wealthy, and connected, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. She would appear, or she would face the threat of prison like the rest of us. As she should.
Lou Dobbs
coats sounds like obamas corrupt cia fbi amp dni heads intel chief warns barr could imperil national security
Coats sounds like Obama’s corrupt CIA, FBI & DNI heads: Intel chief warns Barr could imperil national security by declassifying documents #MAGA ⁦@realDonaldTrump#AmericaFirst #Dobbs
The Int'l Spectator
united states press secretary sarah sanders says president trump and kim jong un agree that joe biden is low i
UNITED STATES: Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says President Trump and Kim Jong-un agree that Joe Biden is 'low IQ'
@ANI_news 1 hour
uttarakhand jamuna prasad an autorickshaw driver offers free rides to people in haldwani says i m extremely ha
Uttarakhand: Jamuna Prasad, an autorickshaw-driver offers free rides to people in Haldwani, says,' I'm extremely happy that Prime Minsiter Modi is taking the oath again, he speaks for all. I will offer free rides until the swearing-in ceremony of Modi ji.'
Sky News
@SkyNews 3 hours
donald trump handed the president s cup to winning wrestler asanoyama during his state visit to japan the us p
Donald Trump handed the 'President's Cup' to winning wrestler Asanoyama during his state visit to Japan.

The US president has long been a wrestling fan and following his sumo experienced said it was "something to see these great athletes".

More here:
The Hill
kkk group drastically outnumbered by counter protesters at their own rally in dayton
KKK group drastically outnumbered by counter-protesters at their own rally in Dayton
CNN Breaking News
an 80 magnitude earthquake strikes northern peru sunday morning usgs officials say the quake could be felt as
An 8.0 magnitude earthquake strikes northern Peru Sunday morning. USGS officials say the quake could be felt as far as Venezuela and Ecuador.
@ANI_news 2 hours
kolkata a cbi team reaches the residence of former kolkata police commissioner rajeev kumar a look out notice
Kolkata: A CBI team reaches the residence of former Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar. A Look Out Notice was issued against him by the CBI today. #WestBengal
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