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Prince "tried to beat the s*** out of" Sinead O’Connor while on hard drugs, singer claims https://t.co/gNOVpnfDyB
A list of Avicii's best songs and music videos https://t.co/IPl5ZJQ7Ht
Scientists have discovered a way to bend and stretch diamonds—the hardest natural material https://t.co/OKUrN1rS0X
Breaking: Swedish DJ Avicii has died at the age of 28 https://t.co/10X7q4k2ly
Mother who left her children home alone to go on 10-day vacation to Europe avoids jail https://t.co/UfXSF6aO7S
Bernie Sanders joins Cory Booker’s marijuana justice act to federally legalize weed https://t.co/GFdgrla5wj #420day
Trump, Russia and Wikileaks conspired to win 2016 election, new DNC lawsuit claims https://t.co/Ufv3zbh2Um
How do these people free-dive to depths of 230 ft? https://t.co/sf41mvGy5N
Trans woman who reported her rape in men's prison wins historic $100,000 settlement https://t.co/6Pfi47ELCT
'And Then I Go' star Sawyer Barth on humanizing a school shooter on the anniversary of Columbine https://t.co/UH6kvyAGtj
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