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Latest Scoops

Trump is repeating ISIS rhetoric, says London mayor Sadiq Khan https://t.co/rLou7wMdg4
Scarlett Johansson just threw some serious shade at James Franco over sexual impropriety allegations https://t.co/CdQBMueKRH
Trump called on Republicans to use the "nuclear option" as shutdown enters second day https://t.co/XvC4EByCH5
Your smartphone could be fueling the Latin American drug trade and financing terror https://t.co/ZAbDcalTC9
Missouri governor Eric Greitens denies blackmailing mistress with explicit pictures https://t.co/pHoq2SmIyi
Eric Trump thinks the government shutdown is a good thing https://t.co/zYmPNbpEqN
Women’s March: Men vow to oppose Trump and work for "a more equal country" https://t.co/EAlAnOY3Eg
Trump campaign ad says Democrats "complicit" in murders by immigrants https://t.co/BjG99gWDrB
Mike Pence tells U.S. troops that Democrats are to blame for shutdown that could affect their pay https://t.co/2X39ZluBi2
The alt-right is fractured, more violent headed into Trump's second year | Analysis https://t.co/apjUaadMkE
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