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Trump's term is half done. Where will his legacy endure? | Opinion https://t.co/bGzWPhGFK1
Fans can't stop talking about Black Panther making #Oscars history. It’s the first superhero movie to be nominated for Best Picture. #WakandaForever #OscarNoms #OscarNominations
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Senator says "one bad email" could show House GOP allegedly worked to obstruct justice https://t.co/5se3B0iTJh
Arizona state representative proposing $20 internet porn tax to fund border wall https://t.co/g125YZJcsm
Trump drew up list of enemies in the White House, former aide claims https://t.co/FnnuL9j397
Alyssa Milano says the red MAGA hat is "the new white hood" https://t.co/Fh9d7HdL2n
This Republican in the Colorado House of Representatives has said that whites and blacks were lynched in near-equal numbers during the 1800s https://t.co/wqb2RN2XU4
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Putin "had something" on Trump and Moscow project "smacks of illicit negotiations," Senator alleges https://t.co/J9i5FqyG8u
Mormon gay conversion therapist now "choosing to pursue life" as homosexual https://t.co/c72nC8LWRD
Could porn fund the border wall? One Arizona state representative seems to think so...https://t.co/QPmEGoy4ce
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