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Latest Scoops

Michael Cohen tape shows Donald Trump's campaign lied about having no knowledge of 'Playboy' model payment: Report https://t.co/oynvkkFmsb
Missouri sheriff arrested for letting love interest pretend to be a cop https://t.co/bZq7mKi8mP
Shooter in fatal fight over parking space avoids arrest under "stand your ground" law https://t.co/qP4JzXyMLI
Ohio murderer's death sentence commuted after allegation childhood abuse was ignored at trial: https://t.co/UujD6n1jlA
Watch: Group of Lotto winners react to winning $60 million at gas station https://t.co/34aW08Gw3S
Odds on Trump being impeached or resigning soar after president's week of Putin mishaps https://t.co/U0hIvd5pIS
Drone finds "dead" mountain climber on one of the world's highest peaks https://t.co/H2oLh7T9ug
In pictures: what a $300K house looks like in every state https://t.co/CPGjNyJzO6
Shooter in fatal fight over parking space avoids arrest under "stand your ground" law https://t.co/0ef8cI0oSp
After Obama struggled to warn about Russia threat, Rod Rosenstein announces more aggressive approach https://t.co/1pd6GNMLYy
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