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The Chinese #Tianhe  #LongMarch5B  rocket re-entered the Earth's atmosphere at 3.24am Irish time, with the bulk of its components destroyed at that point.

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Ireland will fail to meet 2020 emissions reduction targets, EPA says

A beach shack for €735k? Ireland's holiday home market heats up

Grad profile: ‘You must be committed to putting in hard work’

Sponsored: “Our hope for the future is that we may be able to treat various genetic rare disorders that currently have no or very limited treatment options"

New figures released to Newstalk show over 21,000 drivers have had a learner permit for at least 11 years.

Last July, the Liberals refused to buy enough Pfizer & Moderna to vaccinate Australia. They said the price was too high. Yet they gave $15-20 billion of JobKeeper to profitable entities, incl private unis like Bond Uni & NYU-Sydney. Whose side are they on?

The 79th loaded #OxygenExpress  to Tamil Nadu has reached its destination, & is ensuring steady supply of oxygen for COVID-19 patients in the state. So far, Oxygen Express trains to Tamil Nadu alone have delivered more than 6,010 MT of oxygen.

For decades, the mall was both an economic and social hub. How did they go from being a mainstay in American society to a quickly vanishing memory?

Three Indian states have reported cases of the delta plus #COVID  variant so far Here's what we know about this mutation of the delta variant that was predominant during the second wave in India (📷: 1/2) #DeltaPlus  #Coronaviruspandemic