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The NIH is excluding more reviewers who have violated its policies on research integrity. A report from a watchdog praised the agency for taking such steps, but thinks it should be doing even more to protect its grantsmaking process.

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Listening to @louisemcsharry  interview Erica Cody. If you think racism is not an Irish problem, you need to tune in.

Sponsored: “Remote work has become the norm for many people. Lots of companies have recognised the productivity and other benefits of home working and we will see more of it in future”⠀⠀

West Nile virus, which is also deadly to humans, continues to spread among birds—and is intensified by climate change

A noon-day sunset. A crescent Moon, with the Sun at its highest point as seen from Concordia station in #Antarctica  by @esa-sponsored  research doctor Stijn Thoolen. How do they deal with the lack of light? Check out his talk on isolation in Antarctica 👉

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Yes, The Times is behind a paywall but Matthew Parris alone is worth it, putting the boot into BoJo. There ‘never was this fabled creature of whom we now see only a poor shadow. Mr Johnson was only ever a shallow opportunist with a minor talent to amuse’

The dog is believed to have been infected by its owner, who also tested positive for the virus, but experts say the risk to pets remains low

Similar transformative hydrothermal systems, left in the wake of powerful impacts much earlier in Earth’s history, may have been a crucible for early microbial life on Earth.

Newly discovered Yellowstone eruption is one of 'top 5 eruptions of all time'

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Keep up with the latest on #COVID19  in South Florida throughout the weekend on our liveblog:

Yesterday we saw a Friday fledge fiesta! 🎉 Don't miss all the action on our live wildlife cameras: #Springwatch