“President Trump is going to be exempt from using any of the small business or large business loans,” reports @Yamiche 

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Clear this morning that UK government has two major problems on its hands: 1. Failure to ramp up testing, especially of NHS and social care staff. Unless ministers get a grip this will become THE scandal of the crisis. 2. Failure to distribute enough PPE to NHS/social care staff

Today it is April 1st. It is a Wednesday. Everything is real. There are no jokes. That’s it. It is what it is. Here we are

NHS already struggling with some of the highest staff absence it has ever seen because so many NHS staff self-isolating fearing they/family have the virus. But testing of self-isolated at the weekend found only 15% positive. If we had widespread testing, 85% could return to work

You can just about make a case for forgiving the ‘herd immunity’ debacle (although that will be much harder if it turns out to have been another Cummings brain fart). But giving the NHS what it needs? How was that not ramped up immediately? And why will they still not tell us?

Today is #AprilFoolsDay , perfect for a certain God of Mischief...

Would it help if we all changed the colour of our passports?

Varsities aim for April 20 to complete academic year | @City_Press 

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Tests, ventilators & personal protective equipment. It’s not even as if it was difficult to work out what to prioritise from the start. But here we are.

#Watch | "You are no less than soldiers fighting at the borders": Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal to healthcare workers. #CoronavirusLockdown  #CoronavirusUpdate  #COVID19