Paroled teen charged with attempted murder for alleged shooting of another teen in #Newburgh .

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One note that shouldn't get lost tonight: About 20 million Americans have battled addiction. Biden openly acknowledging his son's addiction and embracing his recovery will be meaningful to many of them and their families.

The President of the United States energized Neo Nazi White Supremacists by refusing to denounce them and telling them to Stand Back and Stand By. Within an hour they had new shoulder patches designed. Think about that

The sheriff of Multnomah County, Oregon, where Portland is located, said he does not support President Trump — despite the president's claim during Tuesday's debate.

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Trump used Tuesday night’s debate to convince undecided voters he’s a terrible person

"Anytime you have a sitting president of the United States basically call upon a terrorist organization like the Proud Boys to go out and intimidate people at the polls, that should have been the end of the debate," Jason Johnson says following #Debates2020 .

It’s about healthcare. It’s about LGBTQ rights. It’s about gender equality. It’s about climate change. It’s about systemic racism. It’s about economic inequality. It’s about reproductive freedom. It’s about commonsense gun safety. It’s about our democracy. VOTE.

Asked by debate moderator Chris Wallace to condemn white supremacists and militia groups, Pres. Trump replies, "Sure, I'm willing to do that." "Then do it, sir," Wallace says. #Debates2020 

Watch Biden and Trump's spouses greet them after the debate — one is not like the other 👀 #Debates2020 

"Mr. President, let him answer!" It took just minutes for the first presidential debate to spiral into chaos, as moderator Chris Wallace tried to contain squabbling, interruptions and shouting, largely from Pres. Trump's efforts to sidetrack his opponent.