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For all the rousing joy of the political transition, our democracy remains deeply imperilled, @wrightr  writes.

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Sunik so deceitful on self-employed, freelancers etc on #Marr  There are *3 million* people who’ve been given no support for nearly a year - endlessly repeating “generosity” of government support schemes is a slap in the face for those who unforgivably have nothing #excluded 

#Marr asks Chancellor Rishi Sunak if the Eat Out to Help Out scheme was a mistake Budget 2021

#Marr asks Chancellor Rishi Sunak if Covid vaccine certificates could be helpful to the economy Coronavirus

"He had to resign due to fear because they knew opposition will ask questions," says BJP's Ram Kadam on Maharashtra Minister Sanjay Rathod's resignation. @nabs5  ) #itvideos #maharashtra #sanjayrathode #maharashtraminister #poojachavandeathcase '>Min #ITVideos #Maharashtra #SanjayRathode #MaharashtraMinister #PoojaChavanDeathCase 

According to a complaint received by the police, the accused were about to leak the exam papers of the Indian Army Relation recruitment exam being held in Pune on Sunday

If Pfizer, Modern, and J&J all hit their stated delivery targets we’re going to be doing 4 million doses/day in March, and by April the whole vaccine story will shift to be about reluctance/hesitancy/resistance.

Children have the right to education 📚 and better local services.  One step closer to education for ALL 🏫✨ via @IFreijsen 

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