Trump White House / Russian

80,000 votes in 3 states put Trump in the White House. Now a meticulous analysis of online activity during the campaign makes a powerful case that cyberattacks by Russian hackers and trolls were decisive:

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Trump White House / Russian

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Diplomat provides House with 'disturbing' account on Ukraine (from @AP )

The Latest: UN: Over 176,000 displaced by Turkish offensive (from @AP )

Republicans just asked the House to suspend impeachment matters until we pass #USMCA  Democrats voted it down. Again, they’ve chosen to put a partisan political agenda over legislation that would make life better for the American people.

Remember when Democrats called the extra money in Americans' wallets thanks to President@realDonald Trump's economic policies "scraps" and "crumbs?" Update: "The median or average-income family has seen a gain of $5,003 since Trump came into office."

Can we all agree that, barring an incredible sweep by the D's that captures the Senate with, say, 20 votes to spare, there is an element of kabuki in this debate over health-care plans?

Rep. Justin Amash: "I think a lot of the retirements that we hear about are people who are just trying to ride out this President, and they might think of coming back into public office later on, once this President is gone."

House Democrats are resuming their impeachment inquiry with testimony from acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor, who warned in texts that President Trump's attempts to pressure Ukraine would become a "nightmare."

An internal watchdog is investigating the USDA’s handling of climate science after POLITICO's reporting found that the department has been burying scientists’ work on climate change

Most 2020 candidates have at least something* in common. *Their supporters also like Warren.

Boris Johnson WINS #Brexit  vote with help from some Labour MPs Parliament backs Withdrawal Agreement Bill, in principle, by 329 votes to 299 It’s the first time any #Brexit  deal has won a majority in the Commons