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Latest Scoops

In the group that joined Saikat Chakrabarti to draft the Green New Deal, you can see the emergence of the next generation of the progressive élite: https://t.co/qJNSmdiQxE
Much of William Barr's Senate confirmation hearing, on Tuesday, demonstrated how different Trump’s Washington is from that of Richard Nixon: https://t.co/Q5lsec9lUU
The fictional content of a mock edition of the Washington Post that appeared on Wednesday speaks to a future that many Americans would like to see: https://t.co/pYTiIY3fL2
An early look at next week's cover: "Walled In," by John Cuneo: https://t.co/LDeCz3ycb4
For centuries, philosophers have tried to understand how we make decisions and, by extension, what makes any given decision sound or unsound, rational or irrational: https://t.co/EpqtBJyTFm
On Michelle Obama's birthday, revisit @dstfelix on the former First Lady's memoir, "Becoming," and her new soft reign of power: https://t.co/Z7cEGFff9O
Where most young cartoonists focus on either fantasy or memoir, Nick Drnaso is unusual in being attracted to the subject of the traditional realist novel: imaginary people experiencing the small conflicts and successes of ordinary life. https://t.co/o5xAFCb6lk
In @tnyshouts: A detailed European travelogue. https://t.co/IyooJGRjub
Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s new movie, inspired by Gerhard Richter, blurs the line between fiction and biography.

Richter says that it goes too far: https://t.co/lYqMITshNe
The mock edition of the Washington Post handed out to D.C. commuters on Wednesday made readers feel like a future free of the Trump Presidency could be achieved: https://t.co/Spf894J7n7
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