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Our @ChairmanEdCox at our Lunar New Year Volunteer Thank You Luncheon. Thank you to our fantastic volunteers!
Great presentation from Rich Crist on the importance of direct mail. Lots of learning and preparations here in Ulster County as we ready to take back our state. #LeadRight
Great webinar from @SidekickHQ here in Ulster County as we work to take our state back. #LeadRight
Packed house of excited operatives here in Ulster County who are ready to take back our state! #LeadRight
This sums up @TeamCuomo's management perfectly: his self-described "famed technological hub" has some of the slowest internet speeds in the country. Lofty rhetoric, lousy results.
Spot on piece from Bob McManus: "With Amazon gone, everyone sees Emperor @AndrewCuomo has no clothes.”
"The only thing more dead than the deal are @MayorBdB’s presidential dreams." You can insert 's n@TeamCuomoame there, too.
Take note New Yorkers: progressives and self-described socialists are literally cheering the loss of 25,000 good-paying jobs. If that's not the kind of leadership you want representing you, make sure to #VoteRed.
#ICYMI : New York City finally has the chance to elect a Public Advocate who will act as a check on@MayorBdB by electing . M@eric_ulrichake sure to get out there and vote!
Teachers and law enforcement are speaking out against @NYGovCuomo and Albany Democrats' rush to legalize marijuana. Cuomo is hellbent on ignoring facts and dangers to appease the far-left.

The Most Relevant

.@NMalliotakis: This mayor has done nothing to close the gap on income inequality #NY1politics #NYCVotes #NYCdebate
For anyone, let alone (running for Congress), to repeatedly compare Hitler and the Nazis to is an absolute outrage. This wasn't a slip of the tongue and no one should ever play politics by evoking the Holocaust.
ICYMI: diverting money from charity used to help the poor for his own $1.35 election year slush fund. Unconscionable.
.@newtgingrich "Trump has the ability to be the biggest change agent we've seen in a long time" #nygopindc
Radicals like @Ocasio2018 are holding the Democratic Party and our nation ho@MaxRose4NYst@DelgadoforNY19age. ,@ABrindisi119 , and should fight for a deal that increases border security. It's what the peopl want!
Workers are breaking their silence on @NYGovCuomo’s Buffalo Boondoggle. @TeamCuomo gave away a BILLION of your taxpayer dollars to a private company that has been mired in corruption, mismanagement, and zero accountability.
Last night our NYC hq at the Metropolitan Republican Club was vandalized by anti-Republican forces saying this attack is “merely the beginning.” & all must condemn this attack & urge civility.
Chip in for a one-way ticket to Canada for @andrewcuomo . Donate here!
By featuring Andrew Cuomo at least five times in less than three days on the network, including the lengthy appearance on his brother’s show, far exceeded accepted news programming parameters and smacks of nepotism. They must give equal time.
When you hear on her "protecting women" high-horse, remember that she has over $100,000 from Harvey Weinstein's fixer and continues to stand by abuser . If you're sick of Kirsten's hypocrisy, vote for US Senate!
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