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Join Alisyn Camerota & @JohnBerman on CNN weekdays 6-9a ET for all the latest news. @VictorBlackwell & @Christi_Paul host weekends.

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Piedad Sanchez quit her job to take care of her children. “At this time, for me, my kids are more important,” she says. With virtual learning and fewer daycare options due to Covid-19, parents are forced to choose between child care and work. @biannagolodryga  reports.

Is the economy recovery stalling as the pandemic continues to spread? Join Alisyn Camerota & @JohnBerman  on CNN weekdays 6-9a ET for all the latest news.

- An influential model projects the US coronavirus death toll could reach nearly 300,000 by December 1 — but that can be changed if Americans consistently wear masks. - Ohio governor tests positive, then negative for coronavirus. Here’s the latest

President Trump issued executive orders that would ban the social media apps TikTok and WeChat from operating in the US in 45 days if they are not sold by their Chinese-owned parent companies. @donie  reports.

Shock at the devastation in Beirut gave way to anger on Thursday, with crowds shouting "revolution, revolution!" during French President Emmanuel Macron's tour of the city. @arwaCNN  reports.

President Trump’s unpredictable behavior led advisers to hesitate to give him military options because they feared he could start a war, @jimsciutto  reports.

Restaurants will reopen in Baltimore, Maryland, on Friday despite Dr. Birx warning about its rising positivity rate. “We did put the restrictions in around restaurants and limited them to outdoor dining. We also did a mandatory mask order,” Baltimore’s health commissioner says

A Georgia high school student shared a photo of a crowded hallway on the first day of school, with no social distancing enforced. Georgia Lt. Gov. @GeoffDuncanGA  says it's not acceptable. "I think the school even saw that and made the adjustments ... This is a work in progress."

JUST IN: The US added another 1.8 million jobs in July, a sharp slowdown from June and a small step for an economy that's still down nearly 13 million jobs


Minnesota police arrest CNN reporter and camera crew as they report from protests in Minneapolis

“He’s a narcissist and he is delusional...He’s done nothing for African Americans,” says Atlanta Mayor@KeishaBottoms  on Trump saying he’s done more for Black Americans than anybody else. “To speak that in the same sentence as speaking of John Lewis is almost blasphemous.”

@Bakari_Sellers  cries while discussing George Floyd’s death: “It’s just so much pain … I’m raising a son. I have no idea what to tell him. It's just, it's hard being black in this country when your life is not valued”

Valerie Castile: What's the difference in complying if you get killed anyway? #PhilandoCastile 

Japan’s infection rate is under scrutiny as coronavirus casts a shadow over the upcoming Summer Olympics. “Japanese epidemiologist Hiroshi Nishiura says... for every confirmed case of coronavirus, as many as 10 cases go unreported,” @willripleyCNN  reports