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Roseanne’ Spinoff ‘The Conners’ Picked Up By ABC With No Roseanne Barr Involvement
Kate Spade’s father dies the night before her funeral. Rest In Peace
Melania Trump Makes Surprise Visit To Texas Detention Center! #bebest
With all the ugliness in the world right now im going to have a day of kindness. A simply, unconditional act of kindness can change the world! Join me
Mooorrrnnning! Heading up to Co host with @taylorstrecker - we have a lot of naughty gossip to dish today. Cheers Rob
BREAKING: Trump Signs Order Ending Separation Of Migrant Families
My friend is filming a spoof of all the crazy reality shows and has asked me to be in it. I’m a terrible actor but had fun
I have to stop watching the news! Just burst out in tears. This is ugly. They are children.
Mooorning! I normally sleep great and have nice dreams. Last night I had the worst nightmares. I’m not sure why!!!!
These people on @BacheloretteABC have such trouble saying love! I told my taxi driver, my doorman and my Starbucks guy this AM that I loved them! WINK
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