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Amanda Solloway comes to the job with no ministerial experience, amid concern that the Prime Minister’s office is controlling the science agenda.

Time travel: Whose history would you change? The world's? Or your own... #SciFi  from @NatureFutures 

Hundreds of our readers shared how the outbreak has affected their lives, personally and professionally.

Machine learning spots molecules that work even against ‘untreatable’ strains of bacteria.

“If Nefertiti was buried as a pharaoh, it could be the biggest archaeological discovery ever.”

Wild-animal markets are the suspected origin of the current outbreak and the 2002 SARS outbreak.

“We don’t believe in evolution, so …” “Okay!” I called back. “Did you want to talk about cows?”

Thwaites Glacier's collapse could raise sea levels worldwide by more than half a metre.


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Dr. Katie Bouman, who led the creation of an algorithm that helped capture the first ever image of a black hole, tells us what this breakthrough means for science ?‍? #EHTBlackHole  #BlackHole 

Astronomer Scott Sheppard has discovered 20 new moons orbiting Saturn, bringing its total to 82 and moving it ahead of Jupiter, which has 79. Help name 'em at @JupiterLunacy 

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US mathematician Karen Keskulla Uhlenbeck — who is legendary for her skill with partial differential equations — has become the first woman to win the prestigious Abel prize in mathematics.

PhD and master’s students worldwide report rates of depression and anxiety that are six times higher than those in the general public. What do you think should be done to help?