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It costs nothing to say something kind. Even less to shut up altogether.

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I’m so grateful to be working with Alexi again. I want to thank our writers, cast and crew, who impress me everyday. Thanks to you all for watching, too. Now, go to bed. #TheRookie
Ever think about second chances? No? What if I gave you another chance? @therookie starts tonight on ABC 10/9 central. https://t.co/sOV5QbDecm
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Oh boy, oh boy. Did I mention I have a new show? #TheRookie tomorrow at 10|9c on ABC
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What is it they say about old dogs and new tricks?#TheRookie, Tuesday at 10|9c on ABC!
Anyone else feeling excited?
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Strong words, Alyssa.
#therookieabc October 16, 10/9 central.
It’s not often that I beat @mercedesmason at backgammon, so when I do I have to make sure it stings. https://t.co/F1QF95hC5D
I’m an excellent driver. An excellent driver. About a hundred dollars. #therookie https://t.co/J6FrYWm18h
Kaydence is our guest today on #TheRookieabc. As you can tell by the bracelets, we are clearly BFFs. https://t.co/R5hrGoDNIY
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