Lou / Fox News / Pittsburgh

Thread. A guest on Lou Dobbs's show on Fox News is pushing a version of the same conspiracy that the Pittsburgh shooter evidently believed in and which may have helped trigger the murders he committed. Been trying not to weigh in on events of the day but this is really dangerous.

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Lou / Fox News / Pittsburgh

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Times reports tonight that 2,760 people died of COVID today. The most in any single day since the pandemic began. sobering. And it’s not getting better in the immediate future.

Over 1,000 Chinese military researchers fled the country after authorities began aggressively investigating CCP spy networks on U.S. campuses. The DOJ’s China Initiative is a vital line of effort that must be continued & expanded.  

CNN: The US Wednesday reports a record-high number of new Covid-19 deaths, per Johns Hopkins University, with 2,658 deaths so far, topping the previous highest number set in April.

@chowtingagnes  will unjustly spend her 24th birthday in a #HongKong  prison because of the cruelty of the Communist Party of #China . We are with you Agnes! Stay strong & don’t lose hope.

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“That’s OK, I don’t like him,” Rep. Katie Porter says of Steven Mnuchin when @ChrisCuomo  notes the Treasury Secretary doesn’t like her. The two had a contentious exchange today during a hearing

This is why they tell you not to mix alcohol and drugs

The great thing about our democracy is that no matter how many minutes you spend spreading false information on a video, it actually does not cancel out millions of valid, legal votes.

I was one of the first Senators to engage with @ChrisEvans  & @KassenK  on b @ASPcause  their mission inspired me—to give Americans access to their representatives with the goal of creating a more informed & engaged electorate. Our country needs civic engagement more than ever.

India's most inspiring entrepreneur, MDH owner Dharm Pal Mahashay passed away this morning. I have never met such an inspiring and lively soul. May his soul rest in peace.

Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud and a nonexistent conspiracy came on the same day the country set two one-day records he did not mention. 200,000 new infections and more than 100,000 covid-19 patients hospitalized. @PhilipRucker ⁩