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With LeBron's recent comments, this is a great time to release my pod with Bill Bishop@niubi  of on this whole quagmire.

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I wore dress shoes without socks to my own wedding

Didn't see much Darius Garland last night vs Pistons. Only 11 mins, 1/3, 2 AST. Only had about 4 on-ball reps where he really attacked in that time period. Cavs bringing him along off knee surgery and sore foot, also had an ankle tweak in this game.

Yeah, if I'd uttered the words "Joe Tsai said it perfectly" I'd probably want to stay anonymous too. But great work by @AlexKennedyNBA  aggregating together these thoughts and getting people to speak honestly, even if it's a truth we'd rather not hear


W/ Iguodala trade, Russell and Klay both maxes and dump Livingston's GT, GSW 5 players. A mere $18.2m below the hard cap to fill out 9 roster slots. Even if they keep McKinnie, Graham, Napier NG, $13.1m for 6. Goodbye Looney, Cousins, Cook, possibly Bell.

Again, there's no reason using the forearm as a club like this should be legal, but it is as long as he doesn't extend the arm. He's just shoving the guy. As I've said before, not just Harden but he's the best at it.

This could have gotten interesting if Harden had connected tripping Draymond. Speaks to how tired he must have been that this was his first instinct

No 2 ways about it: Dan Gilbert screwed over David Griffin. Could have let him go to ATL, ORL, or MIL if he wouldn't pay him. Now too late.

With a S&T for Russell triggering a GSW hard cap, basically the only way they can get him and fill out a team is moving one of Andre Iguodala or Draymond Green.

The Thunder are probably the best equipped team to guard the Warriors in the league now

That was brutal. I'm in shock that Paul George didn't get 3 shots to try to tie the game. How is that not a foul? #TwitterNBAShow 

Maybe the worst I've ever seen a team blow a game. Pels up 3, Suns no timeouts with 6 seconds left, Pels bench screaming to foul and they don't, Josh Jackson hits a 3, then Pels call a timeout they don't have, get T'd up, and Booker hits tech FT to win it.

I'm going to go ahead and get out ahead of this one: Steph Curry is the best player in the league right now. He's back.

You can argue each of these top-4 teams in the East is better than any team LeBron beat in the East during his 8 straight Finals run.