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U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources, Chaired by Congressman Rob Bishop (UT)

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And just so we can all remember, we leave you with this..... #NRDemsFakeHearing
It's not a hearing. Minority witnesses were not invited.
FACT: US Border Patrol Apprehensions/Seizures SW Border Sectors FY 2017:
Cocaine: 6,174 lbs
Heroin: 15,182 lbs
Marijuana: 857,888 lbs
Meth: 10,328 lbs
Firearms: 363
Ammunition: 13,938 lbs
FACT: @RepJimCosta voted in FAVOR of "the wall" via the 2006 Secure Fence Act. ....and 64 House Democrats at the time. #NRDemsFakeHearing
Coordinating aerial firefighting operations along the border is more difficult because CBVs often use the same radio frequencies as firefighters. (2/2) #NRDemsFakeHearing
FACT: High levels of illegal crossings complicates fire suppression efforts and forces firefighters to change tactics. Nighttime firefighting activities may be reduced due to firefighter safety concerns of encountering armed drug and human traffickers. #NRDemsFakeHearing (1/2)
FACT: @USGAO reported that illegal immigration and drug traffickers were responsible for nearly 40% of wildlands fires in federal borderlands between 2006-2010. #NRDemsFakeHearing
FACT: The Rio Grande Valley has become the epicenter of smuggling activity. In FY14, the RGV accounted for approximately 53% of illegal alien apprehensions, 37% of cocaine seizures, and 34% of marijuana seizures along the entire U.S.-Mexico border. #NRDemsFakeHearing
These people leave piles of trash, cut trails and light campfires. Repairing fences and gates cut by smugglers, and locks that have been cut - it's a never-ending process." (2/2) #NRDemsFakeHearing
FACT: At Santa Anna & Lower Rio Grande Valley Refuges, according to the Refuge Mgr, "The volume of undocumented alien traffic coming through the refuge, and the volume of smuggled drugs is shocking. (1/2) #NRDemsFakeHearing
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