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#ScienceFair film offers a front row seat to the victories, defeats & motivations of an incredible group of young people on the path to change the world through ! Fi#STEMll out this form to receive free DVDs & educational materials: https://t.co/0gXmyNIu8S
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Missed last night's season premiere of #MARS? The episode is available online - no cable subscription needed. https://t.co/qTWLo7y18R
Thanks for watching the #MARS season premiere! If you missed it, it'll be streaming on https://t.co/E9omIpNpmE starting tomorrow morning - no cable subscription needed.
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In the #MARS season 2 deleted scenes - a lively montage of the Lukrum miners preparing to leave Earth as Aerosmith plays
It's not too late. The first season is available on https://t.co/t8TloYQQxw
A moment 2 years in the making; #MARS season 2 starts right now!
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During tonight's #MARS premiere, follow along and tweet your questions to some of our experts and contributors. @robert_zubrin @shaka_lulu @DeanBobbyBraun @SusanWiseBauer
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"One small step for woman, one giant leap for diversity."
#MARS via @tvguideshows
In honor of #AmericanEducationWeek, we're inviting teachers & students nationwide to watch the inspiring documentary Fai@sciencer this November! Fill out this form to receive free DVDs & educational materials: .https://t.co/0gXmyNIu8S
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