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That we can conjure images of long-extinct animals in our minds is down to the discipline of paleoart

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There are stories behind the numbers. #LivesLostIT  chronicles the rich, full lives of people who have died of Covid-19. If you would like a friend or family member included in the series, please get in touch: liveslos @irishtimes .com.

Job losses in tourism and retail in Dublin could be permanent, a new report warns

What exactly will happen in phase two of easing the restrictions?

Dangerous student stalker sentenced to seven years in jail

Coronavirus: Further 9 deaths reported along with 46 new cases

Judge’s comments a blow to Kinahan attempts to whitewash his reputation

❝ These debts are being incurred to avoid deaths... the most virtuous economic initiative undertaken in our lifetimes

Brigid wouldn’t tolerate people trying to plámás her and she wouldn’t tolerate bullies. She was very independent #LivesLostIT 

Girl (5) flown to hospital after lilo drifted mile offshore