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The most heartwarming part of this video comes after the baby elephant is rescued from a well. https://t.co/4a0nvz9gv7
The monkeys are different species, but the way they ride on the heads of their mainly female hosts, is the same https://t.co/ySB6ZUdqFu
The Buddhist pagoda was about 15 stories high and dates back to the Ming Dynasty https://t.co/Ru0XmAk1ck
The gift of travel is like no other https://t.co/hyBTGALARA
Watch: This video cleverly captures the snouts, beaks, and tongues of various animals that stop for a drink https://t.co/WDrvCeIIOE
Cheetahs are dangerously close to extinction https://t.co/5oa7UDlV5O
The Long Road Home continues Tuesdays at 10/9c on National Geographic
For ancient Egyptians, owning exotic animals conveyed power and wealth—but a graveyard near the Nile reveals the dark side of being a status symbol https://t.co/Xo0wQgeTyv
How do you make sense of all the things someone leaves behind, the things nobody sees—boxes full of photographs and bits of string? https://t.co/z6a5b67wQh
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