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The latest 'Tiger King' star to be charged, the Myrtle Beach Safari owner has been indicted on 15 charges including animal cruelty

THE LAST ICE tells the story of Inuit communities fighting to protect the rapidly disappearing Arctic that has been their home for centuries. See the premiere Monday at 9/8c on @natgeowild 

Take a deeper look into how coronavirus attacks the body—and how the body fights back

If they smash head-on, it would create two big clouds “that will spread out into a shell of debris around the Earth

The Gollum snakehead, named after the subterranean character in "Lord of the Rings," is one of two species in the newfound taxonomic family

MISSISSIPPI by @RobinRoberts  : In Mississippi ... warmth is everywhere. I don’t mean just the weather, but there’s warmth in the music of the blues, in the soul service gospel I heard at my church as a child, and in the people.

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VIRGINIA by @katiecouric  : Sometimes tradition makes it difficult to see things in a new light. But this is not your grandfather’s Old Dominion. Today, Virginia isn’t just for lovers. It’s for everyone.

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By the end of 2020, about 100 million additional people are projected to find themselves in extreme poverty, living on less than $1.90 a day


"When scientists say bears are going extinct, I want people to realize what it looks like," says photographer Paul Nicklen

"We stood there crying—filming with tears rolling down our cheeks."

Sand cats are typically hard to find, but these adorable kittens—spotted in the Moroccan Sahara—were hard to miss

For over a decade, researchers searched in vain for another Hawaiian tree snail for George to mate with, to no avail. He died at the age of 14.

A newfound fossil tail is changing what we know about Spinosaurus—and stretching our understanding of how and where dinosaurs lived. For more iconic storytelling like this, subscribe to National Geographic:

This man jumped into action when he noticed a small rabbit near the fast-spreading flames

Exclusive behind-the-scenes-footage follows Elon Musk in the moments before the Falcon Heavy launch

Happy birthday Jane Goodall! Thank you for taking humanity further.

Just six light-years away, a frozen world seems to be orbiting a small, dim red star s