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Meanwhile, @US_FDA  continues to state that giving and receiving blood is safe. Transmission via organ is also unlikely for respiratory viruses, and the FDA says routine screening measures are already in place

Yet this guidance may not be reaching people, as a recent study in @TheLancet  found that organ donations have dropped by 51% and 90% in the U.S. and France, respectively, in this era of COVID-19

But, you should take precautions with masks and cloth coverings like bandanas

...and stay-at-home orders were key to interrupting transmission during the 1918 influenza pandemic by @NinaStrochlic  and @rileydchampine 

So far, "there's no clear evidence that the pandemic virus has evolved into significantly different forms—and there probably won’t be for months " as outlined by @edyong209 

Plus, viral mutations aren't automatically bad and can actually help us, as reported by @SarahE_Richards 

That's all for now. A lot is happening in the world. Take care of yourselves and each other. Be well and stay vigilant! @MoNscience 

50 years ago this month, armed guardsmen opened fire on anti-war student protestors at Kent State University, marking one of the most divisive events in U.S. history

On Friday, May 29, the setting sun will align perfectly with the city grid of Manhattan, bathing the borough’s cross-streets in a golden glow

Aerial footage offers a rare perspective of what it looks like when sharks feast on massive schools of fish


"When scientists say bears are going extinct, I want people to realize what it looks like," says photographer Paul Nicklen

"We stood there crying—filming with tears rolling down our cheeks."

Sand cats are typically hard to find, but these adorable kittens—spotted in the Moroccan Sahara—were hard to miss

A newfound fossil tail is changing what we know about Spinosaurus—and stretching our understanding of how and where dinosaurs lived. For more iconic storytelling like this, subscribe to National Geographic:

For over a decade, researchers searched in vain for another Hawaiian tree snail for George to mate with, to no avail. He died at the age of 14.

This man jumped into action when he noticed a small rabbit near the fast-spreading flames

Exclusive behind-the-scenes-footage follows Elon Musk in the moments before the Falcon Heavy launch

Happy birthday Jane Goodall! Thank you for taking humanity further.

Just six light-years away, a frozen world seems to be orbiting a small, dim red star s