The Biden agenda: lower costs, historic middle class tax cuts, millions of green good-paying jobs for the American people and much more to #BuildBackBetter  – and paid for by making sure the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share.

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NEW — Sinema rakes in 1.1m in Q3 with a big assist from Pharma PACs and execs. 90% of her donations came from out of state. via @Hailey_Fuchs 

House select committee sets Tuesday vote at 730p to approve criminal contempt report for Steve Bannon

This is NOT your parents’ Republican Party. Kevin McQarthy just told every Republican “you’re a traitor” if you don’t stand with Trump. Will you, too, abandon your integrity for Trump? Or will you leave the party? #TimeToDepart 

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Politicians should get elected because of their ideas, not based on who drew the maps.

An entire generation and political movement trained to believe their only option when hearing things they disagree with is to crawl to Google or college administrations or HR executives and beg to have it silenced so they don't have to confront it. Only disease can come from that

No one should be forced to make an impossible choice between keeping a job or caring for a loved one. But today millions don’t have paid leave—harming families, holding back our economy & increasing inequality. #BuildBackBetter  should include a national paid leave program.

And yet the Democrats are still pushing to spend trillions more. All to the detriment of average Americans.

The outpouring of affection & deep sorrow for Sir David Amess speaks volumes about the MP & man he was. We can’t even begin to do him justice, but here’s a tribute to Sir David from across the House. Part 1 with @Keir_Starmer  @SirRogerGaleMP  @george5newsy '>@George5Newsy  &am @Mollie_Malone1 ;

Yesterday at Sea-Tac, I joined local aviation and environmental leaders to talk about how the State of Washington can continue to be a leader in delivering on the market and development of sustainable aviation fuel. (1/2)

Apple takes down Koran app in China. Or, said another way, Apple helps the CCP stamp out religious freedom. Shameful.