Democratic Congress

In the face of this partisan obstruction, @HouseDemocrats  join @PresElectBiden  in urging state and local governments to immediately disburse the $46.5 billion in emergency rental assistance approved by the Democratic Congress, so that many families can avoid eviction.

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Democratic Congress

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England’s riverbanks and watercourses are about to get a lot greener 🌳 The #WoodlandsForWater  project will help plant over 3,000 hectares of new woodlands along rivers and watercourses to improve water quality and biodiversity. Read ➡️ #OneStepGreener 

"There is only one way to go. We must strengthen and stabilise the current government in Afghanistan," Imran Khan said. #UNGA 

Refugees in India are receiving COVID-19 vaccines. 💉 No one is safe until everyone is safe.

The Quad nations also pledged to donate more than 1.2 billion Covid-19 vaccine doses globally, in addition to the vaccines financed through Covax. #QuadSummit  @Geeta_Mohan )

Damien Bendall to stand trial for deaths of mother and three children

Today on “Ask Dr. Fauci,” Dr. Anthony Fauci @NIH  underscores the safety of COVID-19 vaccines: “The adverse events are unusual and rare, as a matter of fact, and clearly the benefit of protecting yourself from COVID-19 far outweighs any risk of adverse events.”

Haruki Murakami reflects on his T-shirt collection, including one he loves to wear in the U.S. “Americans sometimes call out, ‘Love the shirt!’ The ones who do this usually have that ‘I love ketchup’ look about them,” he writes.

Many refugees have faced impossible struggles and food insecurity has been a reality for too many. We’re supporting them to ensure refugees going without proper nutrition is a thing of the past. #GlobalGoals  #FoodSystems4SDGs 

As COVID-19 rages, more health care workers are quitting, and job openings hit a new high

💼 Helmut had to leave everything behind when he fled his home, but he didn't leave behind his entrepreneurial spirit.