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We won’t let the GOP’s cruel lawsuit stop Americans from getting affordable health care.

Remember: today is the deadline to sign up for health care during Open Enrollment! Head to https://t.co/PcWW0rWUVh to see how much money you can save & bef#GetCoveredore midnight.
.@SecretaryZinke has been a shameless handmaiden for the special interests & his staggering ethical abuses have dealt a lasting blow to America’s public lands & resources. https://t.co/k00RwogOZ3
Humbled to have had the chance to visit the “Pelos-Tree” today — honoring our newly elected House Democratic women! Together, we can return a respect for our common humanity & our environment to our country. You all inspire us each & every day! #ForThePeople
Tonight’s absurd ruling exposes the monstrous endgame of the GOP’s all-out assault on people w/ pre-existing conditions & the ACA. When tak@HouseDemocratse the gavel, the House will swiftly intervene in the appeals process to !#ProtectOurCare
We must honor the spark of divinity in every person. We have a moral responsibility to ensure all children are treated with decency & compassion. The new Congress will investigate this horrific tragedy to ensure the safety & security of every child. https://t.co/zA3z5V0jf2
We have a moral responsibility to ensure all children are treated with decency and compassion. My heart goes out to the father & family of Jakelin Caal, the young girl who died after being taken into custody by the Border Patrol.
The free & open internet is at the heart of what drives the American economy, opening doors to education & empowering small business. The must st@FCCart listening to the voices of the American people & stop standing in the way of . #NetNeutralityhttps://t.co/nd4jy2Po9E
.@RepRoybalAllard is tired of seeing Republicans & shu@realDonaldTrumpt down government instead of working for the American people. Take a moment to listen to how Congress *should* be spending its time.
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Six years after 26 beautiful souls were murdered at #SandyHook, our hearts still break for the families of those lost. In the years since, we have been inspired by the strength they have shown as they have fought to ensure other families are spared the pain they’ve experienced.
It’s hard to have a serious conversation when @realDonaldTrump is intent on making the Oval Office an evidence-free zone.https://t.co/xFGJS10RU0
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