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Despite @realDonaldTrump’s repeated claims, the documents released today by the Trump DOJ provide clear evidence of Trump campaign official Carter Page’s coordination w/ Russia to “undermine... & illegally influence” the 2016 election. https://t.co/lLp9zK0Dt9
This week brought us from Washington to Detroit. Take a second to see some of the most memorable moments from this week. https://t.co/8fv8CFUO4A
Thankful for the opportunity to tour the Flint pipe replacement process today with Mayor Weaver & . Al@RepDanKildeel Americans ought to be able to count on clean, healthy water for their families. #ABetterDeal
The first episode of the #TrumpPutin debacle was damaging enough. We don’t need a repeat performance – we need a president who will put America’s national security over the interests of Vladimir Putin. #ProtectOurDemocracy
Republicans just gave China’s #ZTE, a known national security threat, a major break on sanctions. They can posture all they want, but when it comes down to it – when they have a chance to stand up for workers & protect Americans – they simply fold & sell our country out.
.@RepDanKildee has seen his hometown of Flint, Michigan suffer through the #FlintWaterCrisis for years. Now, he sees it as a wake-up call – and is calling for #ABetterDeal to improve the infrastructure of communities nationwide.
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Four years after the water switch, Flint families still depend on filters & bottled water. In the richest country in the world, clean drinking water should be a basic human right. Read my op-ed with her@RepDanKildeee: https://t.co/64mhBneYjW
The internet doesn’t belong to @AjitPaiFCC & . We@realDonaldTrump need to & e#SaveTheInternetnsure Americans have access to the jobs of the future.
DNI Dan Coats says warning lights are “blinking red” on Russian cyberattacks. Why won’t @HouseGOP take concrete steps to protect our elections? Instead of fulfilling their oaths, they stood with Trump & Putin, & refused to restore funding to strengthen American democracy.
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I applaud @RepAdamSchiff & House Democrats who moved to subpoena the American interpreter present during ’s c@realDonaldTrumponversation with Putin. Unsurprisingly, Republicans rejected the idea. #ProtectOurDemocracy
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